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Meeting and Exceeding

Customer Expectations

For more than 20 years, F-1 TOOLS has been supporting various Thai manufacturing customers in transformation such as mechanization, labor saving, automation, profit and efficiency.

We are providing engineering services such as designing and developing locally in Thailand under the supervision of Japanese engineers in the field of electrial, mechanical, controls and total system development.
We have a high product production capacity that makes the best use of the network of Japan-Thailand collaborative companies that we have built up for 20 years.
We will be in charge of designing your product on behalf of your staff.
Under the guidance of Japanese engineers specializing in electrical, mechanical, control, and software, we are training Thai engineers in each field.

Any Anxiety Like This?

Don’t Have Any Idea
Where to Ask?

6 Japanese engineers in each specialized field will support you. We are proud that we can reply to you even if it is normally difficult to reply. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with your request.

Want to Save Labor Cost
and Reduce Total Costs!

Proposals to review the work by humans and eliminate waste, proposals to eliminate waste of materials, and proposals to use the minimum necessary power, which add consideration to parts that were not hardly focused, resulting in cost reduction.

Want to Simplify
the Management!

It is usually necessary to manage across multiple vendors until a device is done. It is possible for us to unify this time-consuming work, as a result, the efficiency of distribution and the effect of reducing the burden on the person in charge can be expected.

Our Business

Electrical Control

DBord – Real-time Production Information Sharing Application

Used Machine


Industrial Robot

Jig Design
and Production

Automatic Loading/Unloading of Workpieces, Materials and Inserts

Automatic Inspection of Workpieces and Materials


Case Study

  • STEP 01

    Customer's Request

    Worried about where to start when introducing a new production line.

  • STEP 02

    Proposal of F-1 TOOLS

    Hearing the requirements, examining the layout of the manufacturing equipment, selecting the specifications of the manufacturing equipment, examining the manufacturing flow, and submitting a plan focusing on labor saving, automation, and the efficiency.

  • STEP 03


    Start the project based on the plan, avoid delays due to duplication of work areas as originally planned, eliminate unsafe work, complete in the planned construction period.

  • STEP 04

    As the Result

    Very satisfied with the shortened manufacturing cycle time due to the reduction of the number of workers expected by the customer and the proposal to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing flow.

  • STEP 01

    Customer's Request

    Want to automate the manual inspection process of workers.

  • STEP 02

    Proposal of F-1 TOOLS

    Submit a design development plan for automated inspection equipment and a management system plan to ensure traceability.

  • STEP 03


    Implement the project based on the proposal.

  • STEP 04

    As the Result

    Very pleased that uniform inspections that do not cause individual differences among workers, shortening of inspection time and improvement of inspection accuracy, and quick problem identification by the management system are possible.

F-1 TOOLS Blog


弊社は、タイに拠点を置かれる日系製造業様を主に支援させて頂いております。 こと製造業におきましては、大きな変革の時代を迎えており、新たなアプローチによる対策が施さなければ次第に淘汰されていくという厳しい状況に面しております。 またタイでも日本ほどではありませんが、若年層の減少が進んでおり、人材不足と賃金高騰の問題が次第に表面化しつつあります。 国際的な政治不安、パンデミックの蔓延等、世界的な不確実性の高まりにより、今までは当たり前であったことを覆す仕組みを生み出すことは、殆どの事業にとって 必要不可欠となってしまいました。 弊社としましても、顧客の要望を伺うだけではなく、より効果的な対策を一緒に考え提案できる姿勢で進めてまいりたいと考えております。

June 16, 2022

半導体を利用している多くの製品で納期の遅延が発生して数年経ちましたが、依然その傾向が改善されていることを体感できません。 米中貿易摩擦に端を発し、追い打ちをかけるようにコロナウイルスの感染拡大、最近ではウクライナ情勢等、国際的な生産や流通における不安要素が後を絶ちません。 弊社拠点のタイにおきましても、資材調達にかかる納期の問題等、半導体不足が間接的に影響していると考えられるものが多くあります。 アナリストの予測によれば、2022年後半に向けて徐々に改善されていくという見通しとの事で体感できる改善状況を期待しています。

June 13, 2022

今回のリニューアルでは、ご利用される皆様にとって、より情報が探しやすいよう構成やデザインを全面的に刷新しました。 また、スマートフォンやタブレット端末からもご覧いただき易いレスポンシブサイトで構成させて頂きました。 これからも、引き続きご利用の皆様のお役に立つ情報のご提供や、内容の充実に努めてまいります。 今後ともご愛顧賜りますようお願い申し上げます。

June 10, 2022